Expansion vessels and water tanks. Engineered in Italy, Made in Russia

Drinking water expansion vessel

Acting as an expansion vessel funtcionwise, the drinking water expansion vessel is coupled to the accumulator on the drinking water system. It is installed just after the cold water intake.

Drinking water expansion vessel for hot water handles the thermal expansion of the fluid held by the accumulator. It is good practice in designing the water system not to give back to the network worked water, thus it is mandatory to install a check valve. Without the expansion vessel, if it were installed a safety valve dripping and bleeding would occur; moreover, the pipework would be stressed nonstop by not expected by design pressures, leading to damaging and cracking of the delivery system.

Choosing the right drinking water expansion vessel

Assumed known the volume of water needed by the users (given project datum): such is the volume of water subjected to expansion. Taking into account the expansion coefficient of the fluid, we can calculate, in accordance with the system pressures, the needed volume of the expansion vessel for the system.

Please refer to the expansion vessel pages for more specific technical info; to have an approximate value, for the most common cases, the volume of the accumulator can be the reference. If the range of changing temperature is of 80°C and ordinary system pressures:

V_{vaso} = 10\% V_{accumulo} 

This cautionary approximation has to be used if no more specific information is known about the parameters driving the design of the plant.

DWE vessels