Expansion vessels and water tanks. Engineered in Italy, Made in Russia


Rubber membranes are one of the most sensitive parts that make a pressurised vessel; for such a reason UNIGB has always dealt with such element with the keenest attention to quality and performance.

We offer as replacements these following membranes in EPDM; a tipe of rubber which has several strong features:

• major resistance to weather

• delivers an outstanding elasticity to use in the hydraulic systems

• fatigue resistance allows to provide a long lifespan on the designed working conditions

• protects and shields the fluid from the precharged gas mitigating the migration of molecules otherwise dissolving in the water

• ensures savings in managment because it doesn't require sostitutions for a long period of usage

Even if this component is undoubtedly exeptional it can be necessary to make its maintanance and substitution: for this reason we suggest the following rubber membranes.