Expansion vessels and water tanks. Engineered in Italy, Made in Russia



About us

UNIGB: water tanks and expansion vessel for water systems and booster sets production company. However; we are more than that: we present ourselves as Your reliable partner and we offer quality standards hardly attaiable by our competitors; indeed, we apply the most strict standards on the production and control of our articles. Our belief is: quality, no compromise.

Our story

UNIGB is an italian company: it was thought that, though the product range is of a longstanding industrial tradition for its applications, it is more than important to meet the need for innovation and we aim at offering excellent products. Our idea is to provide You with products that match up to the modern needs, without bounding quality to considerations linked to logistics, such as transportation, stocking and alike. This was the beginning of the at the time Varem-east production facility To then be able to ensure complete autonomy in the making of an uncompromised product, Varem-east became OOO UNIGB. The italian parent company is focused mainly on the study and improvment of all of the technical aspects that ensure a superior quality of our creations.

Our pride: the production 

UNIGB production plant is based in Kromj, Orjol region of western Russia. The machines and the technology employed are European. The italian tech office works closely with the production plant to guarantee a manufaturing process which is equal if not superior to the European facilities with respect to the workflow and the production quality. Innovative solutions are studied to solve and take care of all the issues and features, being them fundamental or partial, of our products. we operate on spot the making of all the constituents of our tanks, from the metal sheet to the rubber membranes to achieve the whole production of our articles. A large storehouse allows to have our items always available. The company is keen on the social reality of the region and cooperates with the local authorities to improve the industrial development of the territory.